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The value of Tandem for AEC Firms

Unlock the power of data to open new revenue streams, win repeat business and drive client relationships forward with digital twins.

How Tandem Drives Your AEC Business Forward

Offer digital twin delivery as a paid service

Today, handovers are slow, complicated and do not provide intuitive data visibility for owners and operators. Now you can produce greater value when delivering digital twins to clients. Leverage the work your team puts into creating a digital twin by promoting it as additional, specialized service that adds significant value to building operations.

Build long-lasting client relationships with multi-year contracts

After the handover, digital twins still need to be maintained. As facilities evolve, assets may need to be replaced or upgraded, and new systems can be installed. By proposing to keep the digital twin updated on behalf of your client, AEC firms can cultivate an ongoing relationship with owners and facility managers – opening new revenue streams through multi-year maintenance contracts.

Gain a unique competitive edge

Win more business at the RFP stage. Digital twins offer unique benefits for owners and operators, and as they mature, your clients gain added value. By making digital twins a part of your offering, you’ll win more business and referrals.

Damir Jaksic

CIO, KEO International Consultants

“Our design teams are working with our clients to improve their operations and facility management. The focus is on creating an easier digital handover process, and better management of their assets. We truly see the promise of Autodesk Tandem to transform our outcome-based business model.”


The proportion of data that goes unused in engineering and construction.

Source: FMI Report


The proportion of BIM users that reported a positive return-on-investment.

Source: Dodge Data and Analytics


The percentage of owners favoring a more collaborative approach.

Source: FMI Report

Develop new services with an open platform

Autodesk Tandem contains all the information about a facility’s assets and their spatial context. You can now leverage this rich hub of data to create or draw from a thriving ecosystem of integrations and applications to maximize the value of a digital twin for owners and operators – unlocking opportunities for increased revenue generation. Unleash the power of your digital twin with Tandem APIs, now in beta.

Digital Twins Maturity Model Graphic

Transform handover now and in the future

Currently, Autodesk Tandem provides you with a descriptive twin capable of curating facility information and creating a digital thread to track a history of decisions and asset changes. In the future, digital twins will deliver ever more value to owners through smarter, proactive and more efficient operations. By adopting digital twins today, you’ll be prepared to deliver even more value once they mature.

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