Unleash the power of Digital Twins

Unleash the power of Digital Twins

Connect your digital twin ecosystem with Tandem APIs | Now in Beta

Autodesk Tandem contains a rich hub of information about your facility’s assets and their spatial context.  This foundation is critical to create a robust digital twin that will include integrations with other systems, and support programmatic management of the asset data.

Combined with open data standards and a robust set of APIs, there is no limit to how it can be integrated with your existing operational systems or used to support custom workflows and applications.

Over time, we plan to offer comprehensive APIs in several contexts to help developers customize and extend the foundational capabilities that the Tandem product provides.

Interactive test bed

  1. To explore the test bed, start by signing up for a free Tandem account.
  2. Once signed up, set up a Facility by importing your model.
  3. For more information on how to import models and get started, visit the resource page

Please note:

  • The source code is available by clicking on the GitHub icon in the demo app.
  • Clicking on Try test bed will take you to the app, however the viewer will remain empty until you have set up a Facility in Tandem as described above.

Benefits for developers

Create new business opportunities icon

Create new business opportunities

Autodesk Tandem’s building data is easily accessible via APIs enabling the development of powerful, thirdparty applications that bring new and meaningful value to the AECO industry. 

Integrate existing systems with Tandem icon

Integrate existing systems with Autodesk Tandem

Our open APIs make it possible to integrate Autodesk Tandem with the operational systems you already use, helping you streamline and improve facility management.

A community driven platform icon

Community-driven platform

Our vision for Autodesk Tandem is for a platform that will encourage and cultivate a community of developers, solving data issues together, and providing the best developer experience possible.

Tandem for developers - Tandem Screenshot - Rooms 1_shadow

Developer resources

Autodesk Tandem, with your support and ideas for extensions and custom workflows, will help transform the coordination and flow of information of the built environment. We are committed to working closely with the developer community to deliver on the exciting promise of digital twins.

Need further information on Autodesk Tandem or digital twins?

Whenever you’re about to embark on creating your first digital twin or want to maximize the technology’s potential further, feel free to get in touch.

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