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Tandem is on an exciting journey

The untapped potential of digital twin technology within the AECO industry is vast. As Autodesk Tandem continues to evolve, it will transform the built asset lifecycle.

Let’s transform the industry

Join us today to unlock the value of an informative twin. Develop with us and see your digital twin mature. Be one of the first to gain the advantage of predictive insights and autonomous actions.


Twin Building

From being able to structure, gather, manage, and verify facility data to integrating operational systems within the same Descriptive Twin, Autodesk Tandem’s made significant progress. The creation of digital twins has the potential to be a highly repeatable, natural output of the project lifecycle.


Insightful Operations

With a simplified user experience, Autodesk Tandem offers curated dashboards which highlight the data that matters most to you. By establishing KPIs and tolerance thresholds, users can accurately measure facility performance and be alerted to issues.


Portfolio Optimizing

Looking to the near future, we will be optimizing the experience for property portfolios, giving users the power to view all their facilities’ data in one central hub. This phase will also provide analytics to predict future events and suggest actions for streamlining operations.

Track our progress and have your say

Keep an eye on what we’re developing. See what’s next on our list, and check out the latest releases. Share your thoughts and contribute to the next generation of Autodesk Tandem–our innovative digital twin solution.

*Roadmaps are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, releases, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion. These roadmap updates should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

Mart Morsinkhof

BIM Coordinator at Dura Vermeer Divisie Techniek BV

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“We see a bright future for our customers. Supporting them with Tandem’s cloud-based digital twin technology, we can properly organize our operate and maintenance workflows.”


of owner-operators want to invest in digital twins in 2023

Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 2022


of all IoT Platforms will contain some form of digital twinning capability by 2025.


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See how developers can maximize the value of your digital twins. Connect the data-rich ecosystem with a variety of open APIs and embed Autodesk Tandem within your existing operational systems.

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