It’s time to prioritize sustainability

With global industry targets set to achieve net-zero carbon in operations for all new buildings by 2030, and total decarbonization of the sector by 2050—the pressure is on to take rigorous and immediate action. The good news is, Autodesk Tandem can help.

Achieve your ESG goals

Whether you’re working towards carbon neutrality targets or tracking energy usage to determine your carbon offset purchases, having a digital twin supports this. Streamline your workflows and put IT/OT data at your fingertips for simple environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

Upgrade your monitoring capabilities

As demand for accountability and action increases, we must go further to identify facility energy wastage and equipment inefficiencies. Autodesk Tandem connects your IoT systems, delivering holistic and granular views of building data.

Fix inefficiencies in the moment

Monitor near real-time facility data with Autodesk Tandem and spot issues as soon as they arise. By knowing about problems sooner, you can course-correct in a timely manner and run operations more sustainably.

Optimize ongoing operations

Leverage your connected, centralized IoT data to track trends and, through exploratory analysis, find opportunities to improve operations—without compromising on workplace health, safety, or comfort.

Make future builds better

Once you have a portfolio of digital twins to accompany your properties, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of their collective performance. Use this to make informed decisions and adopt more sustainable practices going forward.

Digital Twins in the Built Environment: A Pathway to More Sustainable Cities

World Economic Forum, January 2021

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“By creating a virtual replica of a physical building or system, digital twins can help facility managers identify inefficiencies and take corrective action quickly, leading to cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.”


of energy is wasted due to poor design and operations decisions

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


of real estate manager consider “decarbonizing our building portfolio” a core priority, listing it as either their first or second focus.

Verdantix Global Survey, 2022

Learn more about sustainable design

From #BuildingtoCOP28 initiatives to more stringent regulations, sustainability is only becoming a bigger focus for the AEC industry. Browse our resources to learn how Autodesk can help you meet the impending global deadlines.

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