May 2023 webinar

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Sustainability and existing buildings: How scan to BIM to twin can set you up for operational insights     

During this webinar, Marta Bouchard, AEC sustainability lead at Autodesk, Mike Deacon, technical sales manager at PointFuse, and Hali Larsen, product manager, Autodesk Tandem discuss:  

  • How sustainability goals are attainable and achievable, even for existing buildings 
  • The digitization of existing buildings for space planning and occupancy analysis 
  • Valuable insights on the scan to BIM process, and how quickly you can develop a digital twin from start to end  
  • Demos of the Autodesk Birmingham facility which showcase the scan to BIM process overlaid with digital twin data on occupancy and energy consumption
Autodesk Birmingham Technology Center
Autodesk Birmingham Technology Center

Digital twins have emerged as powerful tools for advancing sustainability initiatives. By creating virtual replicas of physical assets or systems, digital twins provide a comprehensive understanding of their real-world behavior and performance. This enables organizations to optimize resource utilization, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental impacts. Through near real-time monitoring and data analysis, digital twins identify inefficiencies to aid in making improvements to enhance energy efficiency, waste reduction, and overall operational sustainability, contributing to a greener future.

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