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You can start building digital twins with Autodesk Tandem for free. To help you realize the value of your BIM-fueled models, explore the full capabilities of Tandem with a sample of detailed assets and data streams.

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Autodesk Tandem provides a tangible, subscription-based solution with transparent pricing based on usage, so that you can make your digital twin vision a reality.

Tandem Free*

1,000 Assets1

200 Streams2

14 Days of Time-Series History

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Tandem Subscription

10,000 Assets1

2,000 Streams2

3 Years of Time-Series History3

Customers can purchase one or more annual subscriptions. For every additional subscription, you’ll get an extra 10,000 Assets and 2,000 Streams.

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* Free tier of Autodesk Tandem is permitted for use for Your internal business needs only, subject to change or termination by Autodesk at any time without notice. Usage is subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of Autodesk Terms of Use.

1 An Asset means any element that has an asset type specified and additional asset data attached via the use of Autodesk Tandem. Elements that contain only data imported from the data source are not counted as Assets.

2 Streams means the data points or readings such as temperature and vibration that come from the connection of a physical device or sensor in Autodesk Tandem and are recorded at a user-defined frequency then stored for a specific retention period (time-series history). For the free offering, the times-series history while the subscription is active would be 14 days. For the standard offering, the time-series history while the subscription is active would be 3 years.

3 The time-series data retention of 3 years is reliant on having an active subscription.

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Whichever plan you choose, all of Tandem’s features will be available to you. Get a brief overview below and learn more about how they will support your requirements here.

Digital Twin Cloud Hosting

Rely on accurate, up-to-date data, with a single source of truth. Storing everything in one common data environment—in the cloud—enables secure, shared access from anywhere.

Unlimited Facilities and Users

It’s easy to monitor and manage a large property portfolio and keep all stakeholders in the loop—for the whole building lifecycle. With Tandem, you’ll have unlimited facilities and user accounts.

Twin Building

Use industry standard classification systems to specify your asset breakdown structure, or define your own classification scheme.

Structure data and drive consistency—choose templates from our library or customize your own to use across multiple facilities.

Define the properties of your digital twin to ensure it’s an accurate representation of the facility and aligns with the desired outcomes. Use standard and custom parameters to quickly import the data of interest from existing Revit files.

Filter, color, and save your 3D visualizations of the twin based on data. Prepare dedicated subsets of data for capture and verify workflows and curate your views to only see what’s relevant in the moment or to specific users.

Gain a shared understanding of how the assets, spaces, and systems of the digital twin relate to one another. Navigate these relationships with ease.

Combine 3D BIM models with automation to mirror a building’s distribution systems, visualize networks, and correct breaks. Move upstream or downstream through a system to see assets in context and understand the spaces they serve.

Set up API endpoints to connect cloud-enabled systems and start building a network of data streams. Ingest and standardize operational data—regardless of differing protocols or syntax.

Keep an eye on every change that’s made to your digital twin with a comprehensive log of its users and their respective edits.  

Insightful Operations

Transform the way you digest operational data. Tandem’s high-performance viewer turns BIM data into a fast, data-driven, web experience. Easily navigate, visualize, and analyze complex facility data within the context of your assets, spaces, and systems.

Get a comprehensive view of your facility’s data in a familiar table format. With bulk imports, easy editing, and simple search and filter functionality, it’s quick and easy to navigate or reconfigure.

Open and iterate your preferred views and share them with the team for effortless operations. You can be confident about the content of indexed lists or the inventory table—they are always in sync with what you see in Views.

Quickly locate or update the data and documentation for your assets and make everyday management and maintenance tasks simple and straightforward.

Take advantage of a holistic view of your facility’s systems. Move upstream or downstream through the interconnected networks that define each system and explore the relationships between Assets and Spaces.

Review and manage all data associated with a building’s Spaces with the help of a dedicated list of rooms and levels. Visualize by level, show all associated assets, or see trends in Stream data to make well-informed operational decisions.

See the latest operational data from connected systems within the context of your twin. All the history from live devices is at your fingertips in responsive trendline charts, whenever you need it.

Quickly gain insights from your streaming data by reviewing it in context. Visualize operating conditions by floors or rooms and identify trends and anomalies with ease.

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Now you have a greater understanding of digital twin technology, discover what makes Autodesk Tandem stand out. See how its features will benefit your business and help you achieve your goals.