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Autodesk Tandem is designed to help AEC firms and owners start building digital twins into projects, right now. Through a continuous program of innovation and enhancements, discover how Tandem will pave the way for the industry to create and deploy true digital twins.

Product Update – IFC Import Feature

Autodesk Tandem now offers the ability to import Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files when uploading models. The format establishes international standards to import and export building objects and their properties.​ IFC improves communication, productivity, delivery time, ​and quality throughout the life cycle of a building. It ​reduces the loss of information during transmission from ​one application to another, with established standards for ​common objects in the building industry.​ Expanding Tandems’ supported model ​formats is critical in enabling users that ​leverage other authoring systems ​beyond Revit and in markets that require ​open BIM exchange.​

Try importing your IFC files today.