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Autodesk Tandem is designed to help AEC firms and owners start building digital twins into projects, right now. Through a continuous program of innovation and enhancements, discover how Tandem will pave the way for the industry to create and deploy true digital twins.

Quick start tutorials

Get to grips with the basics of Tandem
Getting Started with Autodesk Tandem video play video

Get started with Autodesk Tandem by creating a free account and begin managing asset data for facilities in just a few minutes.

Specify data requirements video play video

With Facility Templates, your teams can either follow industry standards, use those standards as a starting point, or build their own.

Capture Asset Data Video play video

With Autodesk Tandem, project teams can contribute to a single digital hub capturing required data for a digital handover.

August Webinar Cover Image

August Webinar

Product Update

In this month’s webinar, our team gave an overview of the workflow and personas, talked about UI improvements, data management, rooms & spaces, and concluded with a live Q&A.

July Webinar Cover Image

July Webinar

Product Update

In this month’s Webinar, our team talked about the launch of Autodesk Tandem and what that means for you! During this session, we reviewed our offerings, key workflows and walked through our published roadmap.