February 2024: New Features!

Keep up to date with Autodesk Tandem

We are thrilled to unveil the release of two dynamic new features within Autodesk Tandem! Our ongoing commitment to enhancing the twin building and operations journey is reflected in our latest features, designed to streamline and optimize the management of your digital twin. The introduction of the Labels feature marks a significant step forward in the navigation of the digital twin. Furthermore, we are delighted to introduce the capability for twin builders to seamlessly transfer completed digital twins to owners. Explore these new features in-depth: 

Facility Transfer 

More often than not, the twin builder isn’t the twin operator. Once the digital twin is completed, users can now transfer a facility from one account to another as part of the final project deliverables for handover. Recipients gain full ownership of the transferred digital twin. Do you need proof of delivery? Both digital twin builders and owners can track transferred facility receipts.  

Labels Feature

We’ve made navigating your digital twin even quicker with the new labels feature. This enhancement enables users to toggle level and space labels on or off  to isolate a building floor or room.  When the twin is oriented to an angle, the levels labels will appear, when the building is oriented to a top view, the spaces labels will appear. From there, users can right-click on the levels label, and a menu will emerge with the option to “filter to this level,” or users can hold down the ‘shift’ key while simultaneously selecting the desired label to navigate to the chosen floor or room. 

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