October 2023 New Features: The Getting Started Experience, Systems Tracing, and more!

Keep up to date with Autodesk Tandem

The Autodesk Tandem team is excited to announce the release of the Getting Started Experience, as well as the new Systems Tracing and Search features.

The Getting Started Experience

Becoming a digital twin expert in Autodesk Tandem just became easier! Whether you’re building the digital twin or utilizing it as a data-rich resource to optimize operations, Autodesk Tandem ensures an experience that is both easier and more efficient. Introducing the Getting Started Experience on the new home page. There are three main highlights from this new feature: the Getting Started experience, a Sample Digital Twin, and a What’s New feed to keep up to date on new features and functions. We have a full breakdown of the features here.

A glimpse of the new home page with the Getting Started Experience.

Systems Tracing

The new Systems Tracing feature will help users understand system elements in context. System Tracing simplifies the navigation of complex models by automatically illustrating the path and elements within a system. This saves users time and effort, making their workflow more efficient and productive. With just a few clicks, users can locate equipment within a system, enhancing their overall experience.

Using the Systems Tracing featuring we can see the distribution of hot water out of a tankless heater in Autodesk Tandem.

Global Search

Navigating a digital twin doesn’t need to be complex; with the new Search feature inside Autodesk Tandem, you can find your assets and data with a quick query. Locate assets by type, specific assets, find documents, spaces, and dashboards, all with a simple search. Learn more here.

This image shows the power of Global Search, allowing users to find streams and other data with just a few keystrokes.