New Feature: Search in Autodesk Tandem

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Navigating a digital twin doesn’t need to be complex, with the new Search feature inside Autodesk Tandem, you can find your assets and data with a quick query. The Tandem team strives to make facility data accessible to all users, this new feature reduces the need to know how to use filters or be familiar with the data model inherent in BIM data. It simplifies the discovery of content in a digital twin, providing suggestions in a quick and straightforward user experience.  Here’s how you can anticipate using the feature: 

  1. Locating Assets by type: 
    For users who are not familiar with the filtering system, they can now quickly search for specific groups of elements like doors. A simple query for “doors” will leave the user with a view of all the assets that have been classified, categorized or otherwise include metadata in their properties relating to doors. 
  1. Finding documents: 
    If there’s a specific document you have mind, Search can find PDFs, images, or Microsoft Word files based off their name rather than navigating to the asset they’re linked to. Terms like “Owner’s manual” or “Mechanical Specs” will return suggestions for opening any of the documents linked to elements in the twin.  
  1. Find Specific Assets or Spaces : 
    Say you’re looking for a specific Asset or Space and happen to know the equipment code, serial number, or the room ID. You can use this information to immediately find and review the metadata for the asset or locate it within the building context. 
  1. Find and open saved views and dashboards: 
    Save time when you want to open a previously saved view or dashboards within your facility.  

Want deeper insight and to see Search in action? Dig into the details here.