Explore Autodesk Tandem

Explore Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin solution which enables collaboration across the AECO industry. It leverages building information modeling (BIM) data and presents this valuable information back to the facility owner and operator, within the context of an accurate virtual model.

Understand the complete Tandem workflow

Discover how Autodesk Tandem helps everyone involved in the built asset lifecycle—from the moment a project is commissioned through to the day-to-day operations of the facility.

1. Define

Whether the digital twin is being created for a new building project or an existing facility, the process starts in the same way. The AEC professionals, owner, and operators come together to align on desired outcomes and specify their data needs for the whole built lifecycle.

2. Contribute

Working to the detailed project brief, all stakeholders collaborate to create the digital twin. While a lot of the data automatically flows in from the design files, the AEC professionals will contribute further specialized information to the same virtual model.

3. Verify

As the physical asset and digital twin progress side-by-side, the project team will regularly review the replica to ensure all data is accurate. Continuing to bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds, they will go on to connect the digital twin’s assets to the physical asset’s sensors—transforming the model into an “Informative Twin”.

4. The Transition

Now the digital twin becomes an operational asset. From the day the digital twin is commissioned, the dynamic digital replica will provide evolving intelligence on everything from piping placements to system warranties—and so much more.

5. Monitor

The digital twin is now a valuable, connected data hub providing a holistic view of the building. With all its data at the user’s fingertips, they’re able to review its performance in near real-time and gain an in-depth understanding of the building’s assets, spaces, and systems.

6. Investigate

After quickly establishing what’s “normal” for a facility, the data can be analyzed to spot trends and anomalies. Users can dig into the data to find explanations and use these insights to resolve issues—or make adjustments to optimize operations.

7. Act

Armed with these reliable, data-led insights, users can confidently take action and track how their chosen modifications impact the overall performance of the building. Over time, the more the data leads these decisions, the more efficient the facility will become.

8. The Feedback Loop

As all stakeholders continue to familiarize themselves with their digital twin, its insights will go on to inform future developments. With ongoing feedback, users can determine whether poor performance stems from facility operations, sub-standard materials, or other factors beyond their control and apply these learnings to upcoming projects.

Learn how Tandem can help you

Autodesk Tandem has a great collection of features and automated capabilities, all designed to streamline your workflows and help you achieve your business goals.

Align on outcomes from the very beginning

By providing a digital thread for the entire built asset lifecycle, Autodesk Tandem creates a well-connected ecosystem for the twin inspiring a more collaborative (and trusted) approach. Come together as a project team to define desired outcomes at the start.

Streamline your workflows with a single source of truth

Autodesk Tandem is an end-to-end digital twin solution. With everyone working from the same platform, everything is more efficient. From fast setup through to operational readiness from day one, it’s all made possible with a simple, seamless digital handover.

Give everyone the visibility they need

By hosting your digital twin in the cloud, it’s easy to share the same vision. The whole project team always has visibility of the latest version. Control who has management, edit, or view access with account and facility-specific user permissions.

Understand the intricacies of your facilities

Whether you’re building the twin or leveraging its data, the Asset Information Model allows you to structure the information in a simple and digestible way. See how the assets, spaces, and systems of your building are connected and how this impacts operations.

Make setup speedy and straightforward

Creating a digital twin doesn’t need to take weeks or months. Rely on Autodesk Tandem’s standard and custom Facility Templates to structure building information modeling (BIM) data. With Revit and IFC model support, it’s an easy, repeatable process.

Create an accurate, in-depth network

Once you’ve pulled everything together and established connections between all your facility’s Assets, Spaces, and Systems, Tandem will help you verify the accuracy of the digital twin. Rely on automated workflows to find and fix gaps in your data and ensure your twin is fit for purpose.

Keep a close eye on a facility’s performance

Designed to give you every view necessary to oversee operations and optimize workflows, there’s a Digital Twin Viewer with the configurable capabilities to manage views. Filter, color, and cluster your digital twin by any source or asset parameter.

Unlock valuable insights from your smart building

Analyze live and historical data within the context of your digital replica. With responsive, interactive, and informative time-series charts and spatial heatmaps, exploratory analysis will soon reveal trends and anomalies.

Get in touch with the Tandem team

To find out more about how Autodesk Tandem can best serve your needs, speak to our Sales team. They will be happy to answer any questions and advise you on which plan would be most suitable.