Metro stations conducting efficient operations with digital twins

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Metro Istanbul, a key player in Istanbul’s public transit, is undergoing a transformative journey toward operational excellence through an innovative digital twin project. With the implementation of Autodesk Tandem, the company is poised to revolutionize its operations, aiming for seamless service delivery, minimized downtime, and enhanced efficiency across its extensive network. Covering 241 kilometers and serving over 3 million passengers daily, Metro Istanbul’s ambitious goals underscore its commitment to providing world-class transportation services. 

Under the leadership of General Manager Dr. Özgür Soy, Metro Istanbul is spearheading the adoption of digital twin technology to replicate and optimize physical systems in near real-time. By leveraging the capabilities of Autodesk Tandem, the company seeks to achieve substantial gains in operational efficiency, with projections indicating up to a 37.5% increase, along with significant reductions in energy consumption and maintenance costs, estimated at 25%. Dr. Soy’s visionary approach aligns with Metro Istanbul’s broader mission of sustainable management and industry leadership, positioning the organization at the forefront of innovation in public transit. 

The digital twin initiative represents a paradigm shift in Metro Istanbul’s operational strategy, enabling proactive solutions and predictive maintenance to ensure uninterrupted service quality. By creating precise digital replicas of its infrastructure and assets, Metro Istanbul gains invaluable insights into system performance, allowing for agile decision-making and optimized resource allocation. Driven by a commitment to passenger satisfaction and operational excellence, the company is poised to extend this transformative project to all stations, further solidifying its position as an industry leader. 

With the integration of Autodesk Tandem, Metro Istanbul anticipates significant enhancements in maintenance processes, energy efficiency, and workforce productivity. Through streamlined access to equipment data, preventive maintenance measures, and real-time monitoring capabilities, the company aims to create a more resilient and responsive operational environment. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the reliability of Metro Istanbul’s services but also reinforces its dedication to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. 

As Metro Istanbul continues to invest in digitalization and IoT integration, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation solutions for Istanbul’s residents. With an eye toward the future, Metro Istanbul’s digital twin project represents a crucial step forward in its journey to redefine urban mobility, supported by the steadfast partnership with Autodesk Tandem as a reliable companion in this transformative endeavor.