March 2024: Four new features in Autodesk Tandem 

FM Thresholds, Revit Add-in, Excel Add-in and Tandem Connect Beta
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Autodesk Tandem introduces four new features to enhance user efficiency. With Facility Monitoring Thresholds, users gain immediate insight into building performance. Bi-directional data exchange between Revit and Tandem streamlines workflows for twin builders. The new Excel Add-In enables efficient facility management and data transfer directly within Excel, boosting productivity and data integrity. Tandem Connect in Beta opens a world of new OT/IT data that can be connected to the digital twin! Dig into the new features here:

Gain quicker insights with Facility Monitoring (FM) Thresholds 

Get insight into your building’s performance faster through thresholds and stream status! The new FM Thresholds feature is packed with value for both twin builders and twin operators, here’s the breakdown: 

Define thresholds 

  • Users can set defined thresholds for how a building system or device should operate by setting numeric maximum and minimum value ranges.  
  • Bulk edit streams and thresholds through the grid view. 

Quick insights 

  • The grid view of streams allows users to quickly identify when these values are in or out of bounds by highlighting streams exceeding limits.  
  • Understand historical data faster via time series charts as the defined thresholds offer visual aid for quick investigation. 
  • Status pins for individual connections in the Properties panel provide quick visual cues:  
    • A green checkmark indicates healthy activity.  
    • A yellow exclamation indicates if a value has exceeded warning limits. 
    • A red exclamation for values currently outside the defined parameters. 

Navigate fast 

  • Want to investigate a particular sensor? Check the Follow Selection to quickly navigate to the sensor in question – just one more way we’ve made twin navigation more efficient! 

Learn more about the product update or follow step-by-step guidance here.

Enhance efficiency with bi-directional data exchange between Revit and Autodesk Tandem

Experience seamless data interchange between Revit and Autodesk Tandem with our latest add-in. Now, users wield the flexibility to modify their data within either application and synchronization occurs effortlessly. This bi-directional exchange ensures data consistency, amplifying efficiency while eradicating the potential for errors that may arise when transitioning between the two platforms. 

Start benefiting from the synchronization now! Download the add-in and check out the how-to guide here.

Introducing Excel Add-In for Streamlined facility management and data transfer with Tandem

Our new Excel Add-In seamlessly integrates Excel with Tandem, empowering users with advanced tools for managing facility templates, classifications, and parameters. With this release, you can efficiently create, modify, and synchronize data between Excel and Tandem, enhancing workflow efficiency and data consistency. Benefit from enhanced data transfer capabilities, including the ability to open specific views, apply filters, and directly modify data in Excel before seamlessly syncing it back to Tandem. 
Leverage this new add-in by downloading and following the step-by-step guidance here.  

Fuel your twin with more data using Tandem Connect in beta

Tandem Connect in beta is a node-based, low-code integration platform that helps make digital twin building repeatable and accessible. Tandem Connect in beta integrates live data from various systems into Tandem, offering a graphical interface for easier integration compared to traditional APIs. Initial rollout includes plugins for popular systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, IBM Maximo, MQTT, and more, with plans to expand plugins and integration options throughout the beta. Power your twin with more data now! 

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