Tandem Connect Beta

Autodesk Tandem and Tandem Connect*

Tandem is the digital twin solution that helps you deliver smarter buildings and operational excellence—and soon, enabling you to manage data across complex and fragmented systems.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is an interactive model which mirrors its built asset—both in appearance and substance. Its value comes from the way it centralizes and contextualizes IT/OT data for the building’s lifecycle. But it isn’t just a data hub. It is a responsive resource which evolves alongside the physical asset. By connecting data from the building’s lifecycle within one dynamic, digital replica, actionable insights are always at your fingertips.

Choose Tandem

Now, every building stakeholder can tap into real-time, information-rich data. It’s not just about access; it’s a portal to precision decision making. Navigate your building projects and operations confidently, as every decision you make is now backed by robust, accurate data, ensuring you’re always on the right path. Here’s why customers are already choosing Tandem.

Top 4 Benefits

Smarter Buildings

Delve into established live data streams. Understand your facility’s operations intimately. Spot opportunities to enhance performance effortlessly. Smarter buildings aren’t just structures; they’re treasure troves of valuable insights.

Collaborate, Connect, Create

Build a connected ecosystem where every asset, space, and system in your building converses with one another. Ensure alignment for unmatched project outcomes and, soon using Tandem Connect*, share data across different operational systems.

Build an Accurate Twin—Quickly

Navigate the complexities of creating a digital twin with ease. With a blend of repeatable and automated workflows, crafting an accurate, BIM-fueled twin becomes efficiently achievable.

A New Perspective on Your Building

Witness the synergy between your building and its cloud-hosted digital twin. Watch them grow and evolve in unison. Enjoy the privilege of accessing intricate component details from anywhere, anytime.

Autodesk Tandem Connect* — Bringing data and people together

It’s likely you have multiple solutions throughout your operational ecosystem. So how will you ensure you’re providing the right data, in the right format, to the right people, at the right time? The answer is Tandem Connect.
This integration platform connects IT and OT data to Tandem, allowing you to securely manage the data across complex and fragmented business systems, protocols, networks and formats. In short, to make the creation of digital twins both repeatable, and accessible to all your teams and stakeholders. Sign up for Tandem Connect Beta today and reap the benefits of connected buildings.

Whether you’re building the digital twin or using it to monitor and optimize operations, Tandem’s powerful features makes your job easier.

How Autodesk Tandem delivers

Because it’s created with you in mind, Tandem slots straight into your existing BIM workflows. Our innovative software makes it quick and easy to create comprehensive, well-connected digital replicas. More than simply supporting your digital transformation and sustainability goals, with Tandem—and soon Tandem Connect*—you’ll have the insights to build better, and operate more effectively and efficiently.

  • Storing everything in one common data environment enables secure, shared access

  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop—for the whole building lifecycle

* Free tier of Autodesk Tandem is permitted for use for Your internal business needs only, subject to change or termination by Autodesk at any time without notice. Usage is subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms and conditions of Autodesk Terms of Use.

** The time-series data retention of 3 years is reliant on having an active subscription.

  • Live and historical data is at your fingertips
  • Configurable capabilities make monitoring operations simple

  • Establish bi-directional connections to the myriad of solutions and operational ecosystem.
  • Manage data across complex systems and networks

Tandem Connect Beta: Insights from our experts

At Tandem we are addressing two key challenges: ensuring the integrity of asset data  + seamlessly integrating with diverse operational systems.
Tandem Connect (beta) empowers users to effortlessly link Tandem with a vast array of technologies and systems through a user-friendly low-code platform, making digital twin creation accessible and repeatable for all.
Listen to what Derek our Customer Adoption Specialist has to say in the latest episode of the digital thread podcast.

Tandem Assessment Tool

A digital twin can mean different things to different industries. Use our Assessment Tool to help us understand your digital twin needs.