Autodesk Tandem tracked Autodesk University’s exhibit hall live 

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If you missed the Autodesk Tandem booth this year, you missed what was going on with digital twin technology! The Autodesk Tandem team had a digital twin of the Expo Hall loaded with live data from IoT sensors at booths across the exhibit. With the help of our partners, we received information on how people were flowing through space and visualized that data to better understand it in context.  

Near real-time data from IoT sensors 

Before the tradeshow started the Autodesk Tandem team connected various IoT devices measuring an array of inputs, including light, noise, temperature, C02 levels, and more. From there, the data could be analyzed in two ways, with the use of time series charts, and heatmaps, which took the data up a level, illustrating how these different inputs varied across the tradeshow floor. 

During AU the Autodesk Tandem team showed off new features that will be coming soon, including the ability to set thresholds, that way if a BMS or IoT system is operating beyond predefined parameters there will be a visual alert. Product Manager Tim Kelly explained, “if we’re looking at this data set for the environmental conditions, we can actually see as things pass beyond thresholds that we’ve set. So we understand in this case, air quality, as people are moving in and out of this space, we can see those fluctuations and how things change over time.” 

During the conference, Autodesk Tandem booth attendees had the opportunity to learn about use cases for near real-time data, experience Autodesk Tandem, and even jump into the getting started experience. Are you ready to learn about harnessing the power of a digital twin? Try Autodesk Tandem for free and experience a digital twin yourself with the getting started experience.