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Autodesk Tandem™

Driving AEC businesses forward with digital twins

Digital twins are the smart building solutions of tomorrow, but Autodesk Tandem lets you start harnessing their power today – providing flexible and configurable building blocks that enable the creation of digital twins that mirror the built environment they represent. Tandem allows AEC project teams to collaborate with owner and operators to make project handover the seamless delivery of accessible, contextual and insightful data, that makes for ready to-go-operations – empowering all stakeholders to achieve their business goals.

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Take your BIM further and win more business with digital twins

Offer digital twin delivery as a paid service

Today, handovers are slow, complicated and do not provide intuitive data visibility for owners and operators. Now you can produce greater value when delivering digital twins to clients. Leverage the work your team puts into creating a digital twin by promoting it as additional, specialized service that adds significant value to building operations.

Build long-lasting client relationships with multi-year contracts

After the handover, digital twins still need to be maintained. As facilities evolve, assets may need to be replaced or upgraded, and new systems can be installed. By proposing to keep the digital twin updated on behalf of your client, AEC firms can cultivate an ongoing relationship with owners and facility managers – opening new revenue streams through multi-year maintenance contracts.

Gain a unique competitive edge

Win more business at the RFP stage. Digital twins offer unique benefits for owners and operators, and as they mature, your clients gain added value. By making digital twins a part of your offering, you’ll win more business and referrals.

Damir Jaksic

CIO, KEO International Consultants

“Our design teams are working with our clients to improve their operations and facility management. The focus is on creating an easier digital handover process, and better management of their assets. We truly see the promise of Autodesk Tandem to transform our outcome-based business model.”

How Autodesk Tandem Works


Together, owners, operators and AEC firms can define, track and manage the data requirements most relevant to the project and organize them to best suit the needs of each stakeholder. Facility templates can be leveraged to define how assets and spaces are organized and what data is required, in order to achieve the best target outcomes.


Once specified, all project team members can contribute to one digital hub by capturing the required data for a digital handover, starting from the design and engineering intent to the as-built installation and commissioning data.


Project teams, owners and operators can verify and validate that all asset, space and system data is complete and accurate throughout the project. This data creates a digital replica of the facility that tracks every change made, providing a digital thread of information for every asset and space in the facility.

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