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Autodesk Tandem™

Your digital twin journey starts here

Digital twins are the smart building solutions of tomorrow. Autodesk Tandem lets you start harnessing their power today—and make your next project handover the seamless delivery of a data-rich, digital replica, with immediate operational efficiency built in.


How Autodesk Tandem Works

Autodesk Tandem provides flexible and configurable building blocks that enable the creation of digital twins that mirror the built environment they represent. It allows project teams and owners to collaborate in the specifying, capturing and verifying of data—and to make project handover the seamless delivery of accessible, contextual, and insightful data that makes for ready-to-go operations.


Together, owners and AEC firms can define, track and manage the data requirements most relevant to the project and organize them to best suit the needs of each stakeholder. Facility templates can be leveraged to define how assets and spaces are organized and what data is required, in order to achieve the best target outcomes.


Once specified, all project team members can contribute to one digital hub by capturing the required data for a digital handover, starting from the design and engineering intent to the as-built installation and commissioning data.


Verify and validate that all asset, space and system data is complete and accurate throughout the project. This data creates a digital replica of the facility that tracks every change made, providing a digital thread of information for every asset and space in the facility.

Damir Jaksic

CIO, KEO International Consultants

“Our design teams are working with our clients to improve their operations and facility management. The focus is on creating an easier digital handover process, and better management of their assets. We truly see the promise of Autodesk Tandem to transform our outcome-based business model.”

Why Tandem

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Start digital. Stay digital. Deliver digital

Unlock the power of data. With Autodesk Tandem, project teams can begin building digital twins into BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflows and deliver a valuable, data-rich digital asset at the project’s end. Now owners and operators can start efficient operations immediately.

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Build in repeatability

Why start every project from scratch? With Autodesk Tandem, repeatability and scalability can now be part of the process. Leverage BIM and use Autodesk Tandem Facility Templates to provide a consistent specification for assets, spaces, and systems.

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Turn disjointed data into seamless handover

No more fragmented, static data at project handover. With Autodesk Tandem, project teams can deliver a data-rich, digital replica of a facility that puts all handover information at the owner/operator’s fingertips – so they can focus on operational readiness instead of turning documents back into useful data.

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Your vision of digital twins

Digital twins will be a huge part of the future. With Autodesk Tandem, by developing and designing through community engagement and feedback, the technology will be designed for the AEC-O industry—and by the AEC-O industry—to help make your vision of digital twin a reality.

Amplify the value of BIM

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Amplify the value of BIM

With Autodesk Tandem, digital twins are built into AEC firms’ BIM workflows to unlock the full potential of their customers’ data right from the beginning. By starting digital, staying digital and delivering digital—project teams can help their clients to begin with the end in mind and get more value out of their investment in BIM.

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Accelerate operational readiness

No more fragmented, disjointed, static data at project handover. With Autodesk Tandem, project teams ensure that their customers have a data rich, digital replica of their facility that puts all the handover information at their fingertips. Having that data means they can focus on operational readiness instead of the tedious process of turning documents back into useful data.

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Gain the insights to unlock greater ROI

A digital twin gives owners unprecedented insight about the operation, utilization, and performance of their facilities. Project teams delivering Autodesk Tandem will put owners on the path to the insights that will improve the occupant experience, enable predictive maintenance, and inform future design and construction decisions.