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What you can do with Autodesk Tandem

Start curating your digital twin in 7 steps and turn your BIM data into business intelligence

The user’s goal is to establish an environment where data can be curated for digital twin. This will typically happen when a build team is established. A project is initiated by AEC-O as a lead, others are invited to collaborate and contribute.

The user’s goal is to initialize their facility, set up all of the source files and begin to identify the initial structure of data within the facility. This means sourcing their models and project document management system.

The goal is to break apart the facility into manageable worksets. Within Tandem, this means filtering specific groups based on model data, creating views, managing inventory columns, initial Revit > Twin data mapping, general understanding of scope of data to be collected.

The user is now ready to begin the actual process of defining asset types, or assigning the appropriate classification value.

Contributors from multiple functions can now interact with views/packages and contribute data. Leads during this process can source data requirements from Tandem and share with counterparts for data collection.

As data is captured, curation manager provide validation process to understand completeness and accuracy.

As data is validated and packages are ready for handover, the information can be transfered to the owner.

Quick start tutorials.

Get to grips with the basics of Tandem.
Specify data requirements video play video

With Facility Templates, your teams can either follow industry standards, use those standards as a starting point, or build their own.

Capture Asset Data Video play video

With Autodesk Tandem, project teams can contribute to a single digital hub capturing required data for a digital handover.

Cover page with title tagged assets play video

In this tutorial, we define what an asset, parameter, parameter sets, classification, and facility templates are and how you can get started with tagging assets.