August 2023 webinar

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An industry expert’s perspective – How contractors are ahead of the curve by modernizing the building handover process. 

In this edition of our webinar, we were joined by Windover CIO, Arm Raafat to discuss real-world examples of the impact of digital twins alongside Tandem’s VP and GM Robert Bray, and Senior Product Manager Tim Kelly.

The topics discussed by the panel were:

  • The initial steps required to embark on a digital twin journey and how quickly one can get started
  • How digital twins can significantly streamline internal processes and save time
  • How digital twins bridge the gap between construction and facility management
  • The repeatability factor of digital twins
  • The value gained and competitive advantage by digitizing the handover process

Amr also shared some digital twin case studies from his extensive project experiences.

If you enjoyed this webinar, register here to see Amr’s Autodesk University’s class in person where he will discuss how to improve project handover.