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A digital twin is a data-rich, interactive model which mirrors its built asset, both in appearance and substance. Its value comes from the way it centralizes and contextualizes data for the building’s lifecycle. These comprehensive virtual replicas connect real-life assets with their IT/OT data, giving users both holistic and granular visibility of the information that matters most to them. Leverage your BIM data to align outcomes from the start, foster collaboration, and enable a digital handover.
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Begin your Autodesk Tandem journey by watching this short 4-part video series. These videos provide essential knowledge and guidance to kickstart your experience, unraveling Tandem’s capabilities step by step.

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Set up your Facility Templates

With Facility Templates, your teams can either follow industry standards, use those standards as a starting point, or build their own. Learn how in this next video.

Tag your assets

In this tutorial, we define what an asset, parameter, parameter sets, classification, and facility templates are and how you can get started with tagging assets.

Learn how to capture your data

In this next tutorial, get ready to contribute to a single digital hub by capturing required data for a digital handover.

Transform your building operations with data-driven insights

Discover the power of the streams feature, enabling you to receive, store, and analyze IoT data within the digital twin and unlock valuable insights for your buildings operations.

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