December 2022 webinar

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Our guest speaker puts people at the heart of digital twin development. Alex Belkofer is the VDC Director at McCarthy, a U.S. general contractor, construction manager, and design builder. His focus is to help drive design and construction strategies by meeting people where they are in their digital growth path to digital twin maturity.  

Alex is an operations person by trade, and he approaches digital twins from a project management and construction execution perspective. He has worked with several owners and operators over the years, helping them craft BIM standards, develop an understanding of facility data, and learn how to leverage BIM as a tool to drive downstream value.  

In this webinar, Alex discusses how to get started on creating a functioning digital twin: 

  • How can VDC help drive digital twin maturity?  
  • What data do owners want? What data do they need? 
  • Who is going to use that data? 
  • How will that data be received and maintained?