Default facility templates are now available in Autodesk Tandem

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04 Apr 2022 | Feature update

With this release, the Autodesk Tandem team is excited to announce that default facility templates are now available and can be added to your facilities. Users can readily select from multiple templates applying the associated classification system and incorporate custom parameters to any facility. With this update, we have also shifted from managing Parameters Sets to an overall global list of Parameters. This simplifies the parameter management workflow, offers greater flexibility in developing facility templates, and better aligns with the broader unified parameter work happening across the industry. You will now see ‘Category’ as an additional field for Parameters, and in the case you’ve already created Parameter Sets, ‘Category’ will sourced from the Parameter Set name as data is migrated. In addition to the facility template library, you’ll also see a default parameter library that you can leverage in your own custom templates. Within Tandem, users can now:

  • Apply a facility template when creating a facility
  • Leverage our library of default parameters
  • Leverage our library of default facility templates
  • Copy and customize default facility templates
  • Leverage categories throughout the application when searching for parameters

With Tandem, our goal is to help you expedite the process of gathering and organizing asset information requirements, and this update aims to simplify that initial experience of working with facility templates.

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