March 2023 webinar

Keep up to date with Autodesk Tandem

March 2023 marked Autodesk Tandems’ 20th webinar! To celebrate this milestone, we invited guest speakers, Verdantix industry analysts in the smart buildings practice, Amelia Feehan and Joy Trinquet, to take in-depth look at the current state of digital twins in the AECO industry.  

Hear Amelia and Joy, joined by our very own Robert Bray, Vice President & General Manager of Autodesk Tandem, and Tim Kelly, our Senior Product Manager, discuss their perspective on the evolving world of digital twins and how you can get started on your journey. The panel discusses:   

  • The market’s perception and understanding on digital twins   
  • The business opportunities for AEC     
  • How owners and operators can get started on their digital transformation 
  • The advantages in choosing a scalable and repeatable digital twin solutions 
  • …Real world examples of successful digital twins