New Feature: The Azure Integration Widget

Keep up to date with Autodesk Tandem

Connecting IoT data from Azure IoT Hub to Autodesk Tandem is now faster and simpler with the Azure Integration Widget. The new process simplifies the connection to the Azure IoT Hub, reducing it to just a few easy clicks from the previous twelve steps! This new process offers minimal configuration, and, best of all, no need to code. Dig into a tutorial of this new feature here.  

Even if you are not using Azure IoT Hub, rest assured, there are still other ways to connect BMS and IoT data to create streams in Tandem. Learn more about Streams in Autodesk Tandem.  

How are clients using IOT data with Autodesk Tandem? 

Visualizing BMS data in context to their facilities in 3D 

Clients are tapping into their BMS systems and housing data in the cloud with Azure. From there, they are importing near real-time data into Autodesk Tandem. Tandem allows users to view this data in context to their facility’s spaces and systems, providing new ways to understand data and make decisions. 

While heatmaps provide valuable context to data, the time-series graphs help facility managers understand how their assets are operating. Through analyzing the data, they’re able to make informed decisions to keep their facilities operating efficiently.

(Inside Tandem, we see that CO2 is being monitored – That data is logged in a time series graph and visually applied to the spaces in the Autodesk Toronto office using Heat Maps.

Visualizing Space Usage 

Tandem clients are using Autodesk Tandem to understand space usage and occupancy of their facilities with various sensors. Galleries and exhibitions are using this to understand visitor engagement, while others are using occupancy data to achieve higher standards of customer comfort in office buildings and more.  

(An image of the San Francisco Gallery in the Autodesk office illustrating the near real-time occupancy data in Autodesk Tandem working in action.)

Want to understand the power of Streams inside Autodesk Tandem for yourself? Get hands on with the Getting Started Experience and a sample digital twin for free today!