November 2023 webinar

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An industry expert’s perspective – Evolving BIM to Deliver Digital Twins and Unlock Innovation

In this edition of our webinar, the Autodesk Tandem team is joined by guest speaker Krigh Bachmann, Associate, Leader of Digital Innovation at DIALOG. How does the international BIM standard, ISO 19650, help you achieve digital twins? Krigh used real-world examples from his extensive work at DIALOG to show how this ISO standard is a framework for innovation in the AECO industry.  

Amongst the topics discussed:

  • A brief overview of the ISO 19650 standard 
  • How it can improve projects even two decades after BIM was adopted 
  • How clients are using ISO 19650 to drive their projects forward as they are building on BIM to achieve their digital twins

If you enjoyed this webinar, check out Krigh’s 2022 Autodesk University class I got 19650 problems, but the BIM ain’t one.