The State of the Digital Twin Industry

Insights from Industry Experts
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In May and June of 2022, a survey was conducted to measure the state of adoption of Digital Twins. Participants from various industries responded, with the largest segment being Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate Professionals. The survey aimed to assess the current state of electronic documentation in their respective industries and understanding of potential future states.

One thing is clear as a result of the 2022 survey conducted by The IT Community of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA): three-quarters of senior leadership sees value in Digital Twins, and the same majority believe that a single software vendor can provide a solution for these technology solutions.

Furthermore, those vendors should also note that (at this point), nearly 70% of respondents intend to maintain their Digital Twins in-house, with less than 20% planning to source digital twins to outside consulting. It was also clear that there are strong opinions in the marketplace on the definition of a digital twin, but no single agreed upon definition to date.