Why Autodesk Tandem is the best fit for your projects

Keep up to date with Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem harnesses BIM (Building Information Modelling) data to provide stakeholders with better operational insights and easy-to-understand information. The advantages Tandem offers are specific to each project stakeholder. It enables AEC Firms to keep increasing the value they provide to projects while allowing Owners to maximize the return on their investments. All while giving Operators a way to hit the ground running after handover, with greater visibility and real-time data to monitor and maintain facilities.

Data threads

Easy-to-follow project information—in the form of data threads—can simplify collaboration and much more.

Tandem’s comprehensive and dynamic visualization provides a chance for real-time collaboration between stakeholders and transparency throughout the project lifecycle. This way, project stakeholders can always track project changes and see who authored them.

From the moment project requirements are specified, Autodesk Tandem makes it easier to manage and track data. According to an FMI report, 95.5% of engineering and construction data goes unused during handover. Digital threads allow for all relevant information to have a role in the built asset maximizing efficiency and avoiding waste. So, when Owners and Operators receive a digital twin, they get a more significant return on their investments.

Digital handovers

For far too long, handovers in the AEC industry have been unintuitive and unwieldy. And, while receiving the keys for the built asset is often a rewarding part of the handover, the mountain of disjointed digital files, physical files, and handover documents that come with it, are not.

With digital twins and a more collaborative process, Tandem is changing the handover process to support day one operational readiness with detailed facility information at your fingertip. 

AEC Firms can also feel the benefits of starting digital and staying digital. By specifying the information with the help of project stakeholders, AEC Firms can better satisfy Owners’ goals and deliver more value—all but ensuring future business referrals.

Plus, Tandem’s transparent handovers help projects run faster and more efficiently, enabling Firms to undertake more projects while maintaining their efficiency.

Unified operations

Autodesk Tandem can consolidate all project data, combine it with real-time updates and offer valuable project insights.

Tandem’s familiar software and structuring data can empower projects to flow with open AEC data standards and project-specific custom structures.

Operators can facilitate smarter operations across project portfolios by visualizing all relevant information in one location and integrating building systems data with existing maintenance software applications.

In short, Autodesk Tandem is meant for AEC Firms who want to provide extra value for their clients and Owners and Operators who want to leverage the total value of their investments. By incorporating digital twins into workflows today, stakeholders will soon be able to monitor facilities with live metrics, maintenance information, and occupancy data.