Autodesk Tandem for AEC firms

Autodesk Tandem for AEC firms

Let data drive your business forward

Autodesk Tandem is designed to help your AEC business unlock the power of data and tap into new areas of a built asset’s lifecycle, beyond handover. Open new revenue streams and opportunities for repeat business by providing your customers with an intelligent, digital deliverable that accelerates operational readiness, offering insights and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Why Autodesk Tandem?

Autodesk Tandem has been developed by the leader in 3D design and engineering software to help AEC firms build their digital twin capabilities from the ground up. Autodesk Tandem enables you to break down project silos and deliver more value, through the ability to handover more than just a built structure to your customers. With Autodesk Tandem, you deliver a valuable, data-rich asset that will help your customers achieve a greater ROI from their built assets.

Andrew Field

Principal – Asset & Digital Advisory, Beca

“Digital Twin platforms represent a real change in the way we and our customers think about the creation, validation and operational life of asset information. Autodesk Tandem provides us with a bridge between the creation of assets and the handover of the asset information to our customers.”

Making digital twins work for you

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Take your digital transformation to the next level

Harness your investment in BIM (Building Information Modeling) by starting digital, staying digital, and delivering digital. Autodesk Tandem enables this by extending your existing workflows, integrating with the software you already use, and giving the valuable data you create a new life in a digital twin.

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Data you can trust

Autodesk Tandem delivers unparalleled visibility by tracking every change made to the data in your digital twin from each responsible party—from design through construction. Verifying the data contributed by all disciplines to Autodesk Tandem provides not only excellent visibility but also optimizes data accuracy and quality.

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Set your customers up for success

By starting with the end in mind, Autodesk Tandem sets your customers up for long-term operational success. Customers can specify the data they want to end up with from the beginning. Project teams can then use Autodesk Tandem as a well-structured foundation, layering on and coordinating data from new or existing systems. The result is a digital replica with all the information your client needs, for operational performance and insights, right at their fingertips.

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Build it your way

Your success comes from doing things your way, that’s why Autodesk Tandem will always be a platform that values open data standards and open APIs. An open platform enables a wide variety of integrations and extends the value of your digital twin.

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Transparent, straightforward pricing

When it comes to embracing innovation, you know digital twin technology should be top of the list. Autodesk Tandem provides a tangible, subscription-based solution with transparent pricing based on usage, so that you can focus on growing your business.


The percentage of owners favoring a more collaborative approach.

Source: FMI Report

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