Autodesk Tandem for owners

Autodesk Tandem for owners

Operational readiness from day one

Autodesk Tandem provides the flexible building blocks for you or your AEC partners to create data-rich digital twins that mirror the built environment they represent. At handover, you receive both a physical structure and a digital replica that accelerates your operational readiness, unlocks the potential for gaining valuable insights, and gives you more control of your built assets.

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Why Autodesk Tandem?

Autodesk Tandem has been developed by the leader in 3D building design and engineering software, to help AEC firms and building operators and owners build digital twins of physical structures more easily. Autodesk Tandem streamlines handover while accelerating operational readiness, and provides you with a valuable, data-rich digital twin that will help you achieve greater ROI from your built assets.

Juan Tena Florez

Regional Digital Design Manager, KEO International Consultants

“Digital Twins can now be easily implemented by leveraging Tandem, giving us the possibility to assist our clients in improving their Operations and Facility Management, with an easier digital handover process and a better management of their assets.”

Making facilities easier to manage

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Specify your path to operational success

As the owner of a built asset, developing a digital twin is easier with input from both your capital project team and facility management team from the start. You can specify to your AEC partners what information you require within the digital asset to achieve your operational objectives. This means you can proactively plan for how your facility will be maintained and managed, setting you up for greater operational efficiency and insight.

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Take control to achieve better outcomes

Traditional ways of working in silos have led to capital project teams commissioning built assets without consulting the facility management teams that will be responsible for operating the facility. Autodesk Tandem presents new opportunities for planning teams and operations teams to be on the same page, providing a digital twin deliverable that contains everything the facility management team needs to optimize operational efficiency.

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Accelerate operational readiness

While receiving the keys for the built asset is often a rewarding part of handover, receiving a mountain of disjointed digital and physical files, containing all the relevant information to the building, is not. Post-handover, Autodesk Tandem becomes a digital hub, integrating with new and existing systems to connect the digital model to the operational and performance data of its physical counterpart.

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Reduced operating costs

Over its lifecycle, 80% of the cost of a built asset is incurred during its operation. Digital twins created in Autodesk Tandem are designed to improve operational efficiency and enable predictive maintenance. Preventing issues before they occur reduces both unexpected disruptions and operating costs.

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Maintenance made easier

Autodesk Tandem provides much of the information about a building, its systems and critical equipment, in both tabular and 3D representations. This makes it easier for building operators and facilities managers to find the information they’re looking for, know exactly what to expect when they arrive at the maintenance location, and to understand how work on one system may impact another. This allows issues to be addressed faster, with less risk, while streamlining the overall maintenance of the building.

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Future-proof your built asset

Now you can begin with the end in mind. The Autodesk Tandem software you can subscribe to today provides the foundation for the ultimate digital twin technology of tomorrow. You will benefit right now from streamlined handover, more accessible information and reduced costs through efficient building management. You will also be ready for future capabilities like predictive analytics, simulation and automation.


The proportion of data that goes unused in engineering and construction.

Source: FMI Report

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