Start digital, stay digital and deliver digital, with Autodesk Tandem

Start digital, stay digital and deliver digital, with Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based platform that transforms the built asset lifecycle. Autodesk Tandem helps AEC firms harness BIM (Building Information Modeling) data throughout the project lifecycle to create and handover a digital twin. Autodesk Tandem helps owners connect operational systems to the digital twin turning fragmented data into business intelligence.

How Autodesk Tandem works

Autodesk Tandem provides flexible and configurable building blocks that will enable AEC firms and owners to create and manage data-rich digital twins that mirror the built environment they represent. This allows for a more integrated workflow, whereby specifying, capturing and verifying the data—and collaboration between owners and project teams—will help achieve the desired operational outcomes.


1. Specify

Together, owners and AEC firms can define, track and manage the data requirements most relevant to the project and organize them to best suit the needs of each stakeholder. Facility templates can be leveraged to define how assets and spaces are organized and what data is required, in order to achieve the best target outcomes.


2. Capture

Once specified, all project team members can contribute to one digital hub by capturing the required data for a digital handover, starting from the design and engineering intent to the as-built installation and commissioning data.


3. Verify

Verify and validate that all asset, space and system data is complete and accurate throughout the project. This data creates a digital replica of the facility that tracks every change made, providing a digital thread of information for every asset and space in the facility.

Key features of Autodesk Tandem

Get everyone on the same page icon

Get everyone on the same page

Autodesk Tandem’s Facility Templates empower project teams to specify the owner’s data requirements and align those needs with the AEC teams responsible for delivering that data. Industry data standards and structures can be leveraged, or new ones built, to fit the way project teams work, making the adoption of digital twin technology simple.

Make it repeatable icon

Make it repeatable

Autodesk Tandem’s Facility Templates provide a consistent specification for the assets, spaces, and systems an owner needs to manage. This creates a highly repeatable process and brings data consistency across a portfolio of facilities. That consistency gives owners the power to roll-up and analyze data, not just for a single facility, but across their entire portfolio.

Focus on the data that matters icon

Focus on the data that matters

Stop managing files and documents and start tracking a digital thread of information for every asset, space, and system in an entire portfolio. Data can come into Autodesk Tandem from Autodesk Revit, Autodesk BIM 360, and a growing set of model formats. Once the data is in Autodesk Tandem, focus on turning it into valuable information by capturing as-built and commissioning details the owner needs.

Track every change icon

Track every change

Autodesk Tandem tracks every change made to the digital twin, regardless of whether the change comes from a Revit model update, edits made in another application like Microsoft Excel, or directly in the Autodesk Tandem application. This gives unparalleled insight into what changes are being made by whom, when they were made, and any previous values.

Deliver digital icon (about tandem)

Deliver digital

With Autodesk Tandem, organizations and data can be linked with an end-to-end digital process that spans capital planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and asset management. By aligning the owner’s requirements with the project team’s responsibilities, a digital replica can be delivered that provides everything the owner needs to accelerate operational readiness—and realize their vision for digital twins.

Open APIs (coming soon) icon

Open APIs

Autodesk Tandem, as an open platform, gives developers the flexibility to leverage its robust data frameworks to build their own tools and products from a growing set of APIs and documentation.

Working with you to develop the future of architecture, engineering and construction

Digital twins will be an integral part of tomorrow. What’s more, with an open feedback community for new Autodesk Tandem features, you can be part of it too. That’s because we believe digital twin technology should be developed side-by-side with the community that will use it.

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