The benefits of digital twins

The benefits of digital twins

A digital twin gives a multi-dimensional view of how a facility is designed, built, and is performing throughout its lifecycle. Whether you’re an architectural practice, engineering consultant, building contractor, facilities manager or the owner of the built asset, digital twin technology will transform the built asset lifecycle—from improving operational efficiency and providing a better occupant experience, to informing future design and construction decisions.

Key benefits for design and construction

Tracking a digital thread of information for each asset—from design intent through installation and commissioning—empowers AEC firms to start digital, stay digital, and deliver digital.

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Unite data silos

Silos of data in design files, documents, procurement systems, supplier data and other sources are inevitable. A digital twin contains an asset information model that connects disparate sources of data, enabling information about each asset to be tracked throughout the project process.

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Provide transparency

Tracking input and progress from each responsible party—from design through construction—using a digital twin delivers unparalleled visibility and access to accurate, up-to-date information throughout the project lifecycle.

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Deliver digital

Organizing stacks of documentation for handover is daunting. Streamline the process and ‘deliver digital’ through a clear understanding of the owner’s desired outcomes, operational asset data requirements, and parties responsible for relevant data. Track this in the project’s digital twin, validating deliverables along the way.

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Keep ahead of the curve

Data is the key to understanding how designed and built facilities perform in the real world. Digital twin technology can give insights that inform future projects and deliver more value to clients. Early adoption can be a differentiator for your business, to help your clients achieve a greater return from their built-asset investments.

Key benefits for operations

A digital twin collects knowledge about the operation, utilization, and performance of the facilities, providing all the information owners need in a single, accessible environment. Through data visualization, a digital twin can show the impact of disruption, predict equipment failure, and simulate events—informing decisions with greater insight than you ever thought possible.

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Accelerate operational readiness

AEC project teams can work with Tandem to create a digital twin of the as-built facility that indexes all documentation and contains all asset, space, and system data requirements that are provided at handover. Use the data from your facility’s digital twin to initialize operational systems and accelerate operational readiness.

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Operate through a single pane of glass

Connect your digital twin to IoT devices and operational systems to gain access to operational metrics, maintenance information, occupancy, and other facility data through a single interface. Leverage the digital twin to understand what spaces might be affected by equipment failure and examine facility utilization.

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Insight across your portfolio

With digital twin technology, you can analyze operational performance across your portfolio, allowing you to compare actual performance of assets and systems to what is expected. This information can help predict events to improve availability and inform decisions to maximize the return on your investments.

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Future-proof your built asset

With over 80% of the lifetime cost of a built asset in operations, you need the data at your fingertips to improve operational efficiency, optimize the occupant experience, and maximize ROI. Digital twin technology is poised to give you those insights and prepare you for the future.

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