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Autodesk TandemTM has leveled up. Today, everyone can benefit from the insights digital twins deliver. This software solution has always enabled smooth project handovers. Now, it also provides an operational twin, giving you the power to evolve the entire built asset lifecycle. Make well-informed decisions to improve building performance and deliver operational excellence. With Tandem, you’ll be able to boost occupant comfort, enhance energy management, and reduce operational costs.

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Tandem will help you:

Know your buildings

Autodesk Tandem bridges the gap between the physical and the digital realms so you can get a holistic view of how your building was designed to operate and how it’s performing. All kinds of valuable data is generated from smart building technologies but a lot of it can get lost along the way. Tandem can enable the collection, connection and contextualization of this data. By visualizing it within a detailed 3D environment, you can see how the systems come together and the roles they play in everyday operations.

Access the right data at the right time

You can stop wasting away your days searching for documents or logging into disparate systems. Tandem connects a building’s real-time operations data with its historical performance, giving you the information you need to act at a moment’s notice. Quickly discover the assets, spaces, and systems that need your attention and easily access the relevant data-all within Tandem.

Unlock actionable insights

Our digital twin software has evolved to meet operational needs. It simplifies complexity with preconfigured views of the data that matters most to you, so you can learn from the past and anticipate the future.

Take a deep dive into the data, review heat maps, and analyze figures to draw meaningful conclusions. Set goals with confidence, improve operations, and maximize ROI.


The proportion of Engineering and Construction firms (and 33% of project owners) that plan to continue building with investment in technologies to enhance their delivery of capital programs.

Source: KPMG


The percentage of owners that indicated that capturing and retaining more data during design and construction will reduce lifecycle operations costs.

Source: Autodesk + FMI


The proportion of owners and operators that feel they need more collaboration with their contractors.

Source: KPMG

Our vision for Autodesk Tandem

Over the last four decades, we’ve worked with our customers to transform how things are made. And in doing so, we’ve also transformed what can be made. Today, our solutions span countless industries empowering innovators everywhere. But we’re restless to do more.

We have big plans for Autodesk Tandem. We’re putting our years of experience in 3D building design and engineering software to good use. Digital transformation is a journey, and we’re just getting started. Join us on this exciting adventure and discover the true value of digital twins.


Evolve with us

First, we brought you digital twins to make collaboration between the planning and building stages of the lifecycle smoother. Now, we’re extending the value of Tandem to owners and operators. Looking to the future, we will be leveraging automation to deliver predictive insights. Essentially, as our software develops, so too will your digital twins and your buildings. Explore Facility Monitoring today, now in public beta.

Jenny Lum

Director of Autodesk Workplace & Travel

“We have offices all over the world and seeing Tandem in action is changing how we think about project data and the management of our spaces. A digital twin with facility monitoring capabilities allows our staff to study the performance of our offices remotely and see how everything is built, deployed, and connected. We value the speed at which we can access the live conditions and reference the history we need for decision making.”

Unlock your data

Integrating data from physical and digital assets is a foundational element of the digitalization of the built environment.

Autodesk Tandem and Reekoh are collaborating to so you can have complete control of your OT and IT data. From the physical edge to the cloud, so you can achieve greater success with the implementation of our digital twin solutions.

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