Discover the value of digital twins

Autodesk Tandem is a digital twin solution, designed to deliver smarter buildings and operational excellence. By connecting data from the building’s lifecycle within one dynamic, digital replica, actionable insights are always at your fingertips.

See your buildings thrive

Whether you’re building the digital twin or using it as a data-rich resource to help optimize operations, Autodesk Tandem will make the experience easier and more efficient.

Why Autodesk Tandem?

Realize the potential Autodesk Tandem holds for the AECO industry. Align on outcomes from the beginning, connect the data, and rely on smarter buildings to improve operational performance.

Build an accurate twin—quickly

The value of a digital twin comes from the detail it holds. However, creating a twin isn’t as overwhelming as you may think. With a combination of repeatable and automated workflows, building an accurate, BIM-fueled twin is faster than ever before.

Make important connections

Tandem fosters collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure everyone’s aligned on project outcomes from the start. It enables you to build a connected ecosystem where all the building’s assets, spaces, and systems relate to one another.

Gain a holistic view

See your building and its digital twin connected and watch them evolve together over time. What’s more, since your twin is hosted in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere—giving you the freedom to dig into the detail of specific components at any time.

Learn from the data

Smarter buildings deliver more valuable insights. With established connections to live data streams, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how the facility operates so you can easily spot opportunities to improve performance.

Plan for the future

Set the foundation for transformation, today. Autodesk Tandem is an investment for right now and a commitment to better practices going forward.

Become more sustainable

Buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions, and it’s estimated that by 2030, these emissions will grow by 1.8%. AEC professionals, building owners, and operators must work together to lessen their environmental impact. Digital twin technology can support this mission.

Connect the many moving parts

Within the Autodesk Tandem environment, you will find Twin Building and Insightful Operations. Together, they streamline the process of creating and updating your digital twin and deliver valuable insights about your building’s performance.

Twin Building

After defining the project’s parameters and desired outcomes, the process of creating a digital twin begins—developing alongside the building. With a similar interface to other Autodesk software, Twin Building provides the features and repeatable workflows to make the creation of these data-rich digital replicas simpler and more efficient.

Insightful Operations

After the twin is built out with comprehensive asset data and the corresponding real-life systems are connected, the day-to-day user takes control. Access to the building and its digital replica go hand in hand. From day one of operations, you can review the facility’s performance and adjust accordingly.

Start for free

The best way to realize the value of digital twin technology is to explore what’s possible, that’s why we offer a free version of Autodesk Tandem. You’ll be able to import your Revit and IFC models, build out complete digital twin test cases, and connect a sample of sensors.

Get support and guidance

Find everything you need to get started—all in one place. From FAQs and video demos to a community of people ready to help, our support page is sure to have the answers you’re looking for.