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Your digital twin journey starts with Autodesk Tandem™

While the world talks about digital twins as the smart building solutions of tomorrow, Autodesk Tandem lets you start harnessing their power today, to realize your digital twin vision, your way.

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What is Autodesk Tandem?

Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform. It enables projects to start digital and stay digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence. By harnessing BIM (Building Information Modeling) data throughout the process, AEC firms can create and handover a digital twin to building owners and operators. The easily accessible, contextual, and insightful data they receive makes for ready-to-go operations.

Damir Jaksic

CIO, KEO International Consultants

“Our design teams are working with our clients to improve their operations and facility management. The focus is on creating an easier digital handover process, and better management of their assets. We truly see the promise of Autodesk Tandem to transform our outcome-based business model.”


The proportion of data that goes unused in engineering and construction.

Source: FMI Report


The proportion of BIM users that reported a positive return-on-investment.

Source: Dodge Data and Analytics


The percentage of owners favoring a more collaborative approach.

Source: FMI Report

Autodesk Tandem sets the wheels of digital twin in motion

Although digital twins are a leap into the future, with Autodesk Tandem, project teams will be in familiar territory. Data can be structured using open AEC data standards or follow a custom structure based on the owner’s needs.

Why you’ll love Autodesk Tandem:

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Amplify the value of BIM

With Autodesk Tandem, digital twins are built into AEC firms’ BIM workflows to unlock the full potential of their customers’ data right from the beginning. By starting digital, staying digital and delivering digital, project teams can help their clients to begin with the end in mind and get more value out of their investment in BIM.

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Accelerate operational readiness

No more fragmented, disjointed, static data at project handover. With Autodesk Tandem, project teams deliver to their customers a data-rich, digital replica of their facility that puts all the handover information at their fingertips. Having that data means they can focus on operational readiness instead of the tedious process of turning documents back into useful data.

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Gain the insights to unlock greater ROI

A digital twin gives owners unprecedented insight about the operation, utilization, and performance of their facilities. Project teams delivering Autodesk Tandem will put owners on the path to the insights that will improve the occupant experience, enable predictive maintenance, and inform future design and construction decisions.

Working side-by-side with you to build the future

Digital twins will be an integral part of your world tomorrow. That’s why Autodesk Tandem has been developed by the leader in 3D design and engineering software, to help AEC firms and facility owners and operators build their digital twin capabilities from the ground up. By developing and designing through community engagement and feedback, Autodesk Tandem is designed for the AECO industry, by the AECO industry—to help make your vision of digital twin a reality.

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